Thursday, February 12, 2009

I stare down the strangers at the bus stop, pretend they've been gossiping about me

Today we went on a food run! We live about 2 hours from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods so we're making it a habit to go to Ann Arbor every few months to stock up on goodness. And O my goodness. We got a shitload. This photo doesn't cover the things that needed to go in the freezer right away (Cherry Chocolate Chip soy ice cream for example) or the produce. I love that Trader Joe's carries vegan bagels, and the everything bagels smell so good. Also, the marcona almonds (with sea salt and rosemary) are scrumptious.
A few other noteable items include: Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread-naturally sweetened (much more difficult to find in an average suburban grocery store than you might think). Maple/Agave syrup-for waffles, or whatever! Less expensive than pure maple syrup without all the crap usually included in "pancake syrup." Maple Brown Sugar Oat Milk. Enough Said. And over a pound of vegan Belgian chocolate with almonds for only $3.99!

While in Ann Arbor we also went to a vegetarian restaurant called The Earthen Jar. It was pretty much a first floor apartment of a house that had been converted into heaven. Lots of Indian food, when you walked in the door the spices kind of slapped you in the face but it was so worth it. It was buffet style-chickpea potato salad, curry cauliflower, vegan lasagna...the vegan choices were clearly marked (and there were many of them). Delicious. We plan to go back.

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