Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm the big 24. As is turns out, that's not so bad after all.

Andrew got up early this morning to make me breakfast. I stayed in bed and slept, had a series of mini birthday dreams that didn't make any sense. When I finally got up, I was greeted in the kitchen by Andrew and a beautiful tofu scramble and fresh squeezed orange juice and DAFFODILS! Everywhere I put the flowers they looked so out of place. It was a dark, dismal day. Or would have been if Andrew had not been there.

After breakfast, he started making cake. It was Ginger Macadamia Coconut Carrot Cake from VwaV. Mmmm. It was delicious and I lingered as he was preparing it. I filled up on frosting and scraps before I had my first real piece. This cake is perfect.

After cake, we hung out for a while, I opened gifties and then we went to Target to buy underwear. I also bought myself a new yellow tea kettle and the 2nd season of I Love Lucy. Finally.

Then it was to Andrew's Mother's house we went. Played Scrabble, had a good time with Abe.

Tomorrow night we go to my mother's house. She actually bought soymilk and she's actually going to make me a vegan cake (a large feat, I don't think she's ever even made a cake from scratch) and she's going to bake it in a toaster oven! Results later!

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