Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vegan donuts, I love you.

I think that every once in a while, a good person deserves to buy a pack of peanut butter Newman O's and eat them all within like 2 hours, tops.


Oh yes, donuts.

Oops. I mean DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had the time to make donuts everyday. These were so crispy on the outside, so soft and melt in your mouthy inside. The recipe for these can be found in My Sweet Vegan. I am also anxious to try the donut recipes from the current issue of Vegetarian Times. Check it out: French Toast Donuts. Apple Cider Donuts. Good Lord. But I need a handy donut pan which I can't see myself buying anytime soon (the tuition! It aches!)

And a couple of this week's dinners:

This is going to sound lame but we really just started buying beets this summer. I don't know why-they are wonderful. I like them plain or with a little maple syrup/tamari mixture drizzled over them. The kale is from our garden. We have been living off of these sausages since we bought Vegan Brunch. The bread was homeade (by Andrew), brushed with olive oil and rubbed with a clove of garlic. Rustic.

Pesto pasta. The lemon basil is from the garden as are the tomatoberries (cherry tomatos shaped like strawberries-and ohboy are they sweet!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Schmuly!

Yesterday my family came over to celebrate my mom's birthday which was a few days ago and baby Brennan's first birthday, which was yesterday, but had already been celebrated. So the birthdays kinda cancelled each other out. Anyway, Andrew took pictures.

So...everyone showed up before we were ready because we spent a good part of our afternoon searching for skewers...we were dashing about the kitchen and grill like mad. Me making the marinade for the veggies, Andrew chopping, me making the ice cream, Andrew making the dough for a flatbread that he would later "bake" on the grill, me making cupcakes, Andrew lighting the charcoal... anyway, look how pretty these skewers turned out. They really stimulated the old taste buds too. The recipe was from the August issue of Vegetarian Times .

Baked beans! I threw this together, don't even remember how, sauteed some onions, added them to the beans, mixed in some tomato paste, maple syrup, onion powder, molasses...yeah, that's about it. Never made this before but it worked out nicely.Raspberries and blueberries, fresh from the farmer's market. Mandarin oranges, fresh from a can. When in doubt, make a fruit salad.