Tuesday, March 3, 2009

if you dig on vegan food come over to my work i'll have 'em cook you something that you really love coz I like you

Andrew made a peanut butter barbecue potato chip sandwich on an everything bagel. At first, I thought he was pregnant... but he was on to something. I decided to try it and seriously, you have to try it. It sounds preposterous but it's way ass god. I can't explain it, it needs to speak for itself, it's AMAZING!!!!

2 nights ago he made pasta with a fantastic Shiraz, garlic, tomatoey sauce and Tofurkey Italian "sausages" And I made whoopie pies (from My Sweet Vegan) but I added peanut butter to the creme. We ate them all in two days!!! No sweets for a while now. I need yoga.

Yumma, Yumma, Yumma

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