Sunday, March 29, 2009

everything's gonna be alright, baby

The kitty doesn't live here anymore...we miss her lots.
Someone came to pick her up two days ago. Her name was Melissa and she already had a cat and she has two children so that's good, little kitty will get the attention that she requires. She said they live on 2 acres of land and the kitty will be able to go outside when she wants to which is good because I think she was getting cabin fever. She was going to go to the pet store and buy cat toys and a pink collar. She was so excited to come see the cat that she took the day off of work and came like, first thing in the morning. I think that the kitty's new home is a good one.

Skyler cam over and spent Friday night with us, we went to Andrew's dad's and watched Pinnochio-I fell asleep at the whale part. Then last night we watched Over the Hedge which is a really sweet movie-great for animal lovers, and Ben Folds does the soundtrack, I highly recommend it.

Also-I finally bought Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and made the S'mores cupcakes! so fun and so delish!

Speaking of cupcakes, Andrew and I are going to do some yoga together. Oh, did I tell you that he made a table? He made our kitchen table! It's beautiful! And sturdy!

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