Sunday, March 15, 2009

Everyone's Talking bout a Revolution!

Just watched The U.S. vs. John Lennon. Good stuff. Motivating at a time when I can't stop thinking about activism. But all those hippies in the fur coats shouting for peace is kind of a contradiction in my book. Anyway, I ordered The Best of John Lennon on even though I keep promising myself that I'm going to quit with all this internet shopping...oh, who needs money?
So speaking of activism, I got PETA to send me a half hour program (or series of programs) exposing fur farms and factory farmes and cruelty that can so easily be prevented and I took the DVD to my GRTV and asked them to play it on the local channel...didn't think they would, this is stuff that might be considered "graphic" but they are going to play it on these dates at these times:
Wed04/15/09 06:30 PMGRTV
Mon04/06/09 09:30 PMGRTV
Sat03/28/09 11:00 AMGRTV
Fri03/20/09 01:30 PM
And somebody is bound to see it and who knows? Maybe it will change their lives?

FOOD-wise, tonight we made barbequed tofu burritos...mmm. Just sauteed the tofu in some olive oil at high heat turning constantly for about 10 minutes, added cumin and some pre-made rice, added some barbeqe sauce, rolled it in a burrito thingie with some chopped red onions and chopped celery, ate two so fast, but you've got to. There's that feeling that if you put a burrito down that it will fall apart when you pick it up again.

Then Andrew made a rhubarb/blueberry cobbler which was amazing, jeezus. poured a bit of cream on it and enjoyed it with coffee. That stuff makes you feel alive!

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