Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby's First Blog

I am creating this blog for myself and for Andrew and for memories and for easier access to them. It's cozy this way.

I hate shoe shopping. Its exhausting. I'm particular and if I find something I like in a store, it's usually made out of leather. Or some part of it is. And that can be frustrating. There are so many synthetic materials that are more comfortable and more durable...Fortunately, there's always

and I bought these from their website.
Now I can walk around outside!

In April we'll see The Mountain Goats or Andrew Bird. I've seen the Mountain Goats (one of the best shows ever) and I wouldn't mind seeing Andrew Bird but these are also great excuses to go to Chicago to spend some time on the trains.

Tonight we watched The Squid & the Whale. It was kind of interesting but I didn't enjoy it. It was depressing in a dull way. Maybe it was just too artsy for my taste.

We've been home almost all day, which is nice because its snowing outside and who likes to be cold? But its also getting old. This staying in. We could be taking a walk, or driving to Ann Arbor or growing basil or going to the beach but its winter, which ruins a third of the year here in Michigan. But it's not entirely bad. I baked some matzah toffee from My Sweet Vegan. Chocolicious. I'll bring some to Holland tomorrow, let the family give them a try.

I also made a Baked Leek and Sweet Potato Gratin. The recipe is from the current (Ferbruary) issue of Vegetarian Times. I love sweet potatoes. They're tasty and bright orange and soooo healthy. This recipe was even better than I expected, I planned to save some for leftovers but we actually ate it all-just the two of us!

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