Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fantastical Shopping List

I have been unemployed for almost a week (did I tell you I walked off the job?!?) and since we just spent a bunch of money on our new apartment (which is awesome), I have no money to spend on anything else. However, if I had a few hundred dollars lying around, I would buy this stuff.

So, I have had my eye on these shoes for about a year now. God, I want them. I don't usually wear heels (Andrew and I are the same height and I don't want to tower over him), but Poppy, by the entirely vegan shoe line Novacas, has just a small bit of heel. Very hot. They can be found here.

Now, we are definitely going to get this clock. Its great because you can position the numbers any way you like because your wall is the clock face!

Are these leggings not fantastic?

"I love white wine. And red. And rum."

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